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(Nigerian’s Foremost Continuing Medical Education Consultancy)



We are a health care consultancy outfit dedicated to the attainment of excellence in health care administration and the delivery of qualitative medical care.

The company provides continuing medical education for health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists and allied health professionals.  This objective is premised on the fact that medicine is a constantly evolving profession, with changes and improvements in diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic modalities enabled by advances in knowledge.  The clinical applications of these rapid developments have been facilitated by the more widespread accessibility of research publications as a result of the progress in the field of information technology.  Furthermore, the emerging orientation of utilizing evidence-based guidelines garnered from systematic reviews of therapeutic trials, rather than clinical practice based on empirical data alone, has remarkably improved the practice of medicine.

These advances and developments in medical care make it imperative for health care providers to consistently review and update their knowledge base to ensure that they achieve excellence in delivering care to their patients.  As medical knowledge advances, some interventions that were assumed to be beneficial may become obsolete, or indeed detrimental to health, while other newer treatment alternatives become available.  As such health care providers have to be at the cutting edge and avail themselves of these changes if they are to remain relevant and efficient in the practice of their profession.  This will enhance their capacity to appropriately and practically apply or adapt this knowledge to solve medical problems encountered in their practice.

To this end and in recognition of the need to ensure that such objectives are backed by the appropriate expertise, Medical Tutors Limited was set up to provide leadership in Continuing  Professional Development of Doctors by Providing Continuing Medical Education for Medical Practitioners and Post Graduate Medical Education for Resident Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists.



We provide electronic learning materials for training and re-training of medical and para medical personnel.

Continuing Medical Education Courses and Seminars

Medical Tutors Ltd organizes continuing medical education courses for all cadres of health care professionals in public and private establishments.  The courses are developed to address clinically relevant medical conditions affecting the Nigerian population.  The courses offered address clinically relevant aspects of the various medical specialties.  The courses are designed as short courses, lasting a few days in each instance but sufficiently detailed to provide participants with a reinforcement of their pre-existing basic knowledge and introduce newer concepts and advances in specific areas under study.


Medical Tutors Nigeria Ltd by its innovative IT solutions provides multimedia interactive Learning solutions which will provide Resident doctors and Medical practitioners with up to date knowledge in all aspects of Medicine and Medical practice.  Our Internet based interactive learning solutions consist of detailed up to date materials on any medical subjects available on Medical Tutors website www.medicaltutors.com   Materials on this site are prepared by foremost Nigerian experts on each subject and are up to date, with information from current books and International Journals on the subject.

Interactive Forum

This forum is available to all members of Practitioners or Postgraduate study groups.  A complex case is introduced each week and members are allowed to make comments on the questions raised by the case.  At the end of the week, summary and expert comments are provided.

Our Other Services

We are setting up a comprehensive database of diagnostic facilities. This database will let users know the closest and best place to do any relevant laboratory or radiology diagnostic test. We will also set up a database of Medical Specialists all over the country. We have set up on the Medical Tutors website a Medical News portal which will provide relevant information on all aspect of Medical News. In addition to the Medical News, featured articles will also be available on all aspects of healthcare. These will provide valuable health education to the public. Detailed medical education relevant to interested members of the public will also be available at the Medical Tutors online interactive learning solution.